Training & Certification
Galaxy Inspection Solutions extends support for fresh Mechanical, Production and Automobile Engineers whoever is interested to develop their career as a QA/QC Engineer/Inspector. Being a service organization for Non-Destructive Testing in engineering industry we provide specialized training and certification of Non-Destructive Testing. We normally offer training on: 

- Radiographic Testing (RT)
- Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
- Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) 
- Penetrant Testing (PT)
- Visual Testing (VT)
- Eddy Current Testing (ET)
- Leak Testing (LT) 

We issue ASNT level I or Level II certificates upon successful completion of training which is recognized all over the world. We also provide training and certification on National Aerospace Standard (NAS410) and European National Standard (EN473).

At present we have training facilities in Hyderabad.

Training & Certification
NDT stands for Non-Destructive Testing. In other words it is a way of testing without destroying....
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Why NDT Qualification?
To whom NDT?