Why NDT Qualification?
Are you aspiring to gain a first foothold in inspection and non-destructive testing? Are you already involved in inspection/non-destructive testing and wish to widen or upgrade your existing qualifications to be more competitive in the national/international job market place? Now you have unique opportunity to accomplish your objectives through our Institute.

To meet the growing demand of Non Destructive Testing Inspectors and Engineers for industries, education, research etc. development of NDT ( Non Destructive Testing) professionals is planned. NDT training is an additional qualification and requirement for inspection jobs in any industries. This course will help young students and working people to learn NDT techniques & various inspection methods for preparing themselves in getting jobs as an Inspector / Inspection Engineers. 

Certificate courses offered by us are an ideal introduction into the world of inspection and non-destructive testing. The courses will be conducted regularly on a monthly basis throughout the year. We have centers in Chennai and the classes will be conducted according to the requirements.

A fresh Mechanical / Production / Automobile engineering graduate always needs a specialization before he gets his / her job assignment as specialist in a particular department, because he / she has to work in accordance with International Quality Standards such as: 

- American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME Standards)
- American Petroleum Institute (API Standards)
- American Welding Society (AWS Standards)
- American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM Standards)
- National Aerospace Standards (NAS Standards)
- American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI Standards)
- American National Standards Institute (ANSI Standards)
- Military Standards (MIL STD)
- European National Standard
- American Society for Non Destructive Testing (ASNT)

Hence engineers should be capable to follow these standards during design, construction, fabrication, installation and maintenance of projects. ASNT Level II is considered as basic qualification for NDT activities in the project. 

Training & Certification
NDT stands for Non-Destructive Testing. In other words it is a way of testing without destroying....
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Why NDT Qualification?
To whom NDT?